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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Diabetic Rice​!
We are committed to the quality and to everything we do at Befach and this makes us our brand proudly blow hard of serving to the planet’s most tasteful co connoisseurs. All operations such as Milling, Processing, Packaging, Tufting, Fumigation etc are carried out in-house before exports, ensuring the quality control. The product delivery defines our standards. Our hygiene is maintained with dedicated extra efforts right from the cropping till it reaches end customer. Our packaging is very eco-friendly, modest and at no stage we ensure the processed rice is touched by hands.
Periodic and frequent tests are conducted to make sure that both staff and machinery are performing in the most ideal way. Thanking our clients, we have inculcated the technology of testing rice at all levels where are concentration lies in checking multiple elements, considering the same, the average length of the cooked grain of rice, its separation, fluffiness, aroma, taste and other points as per clients requirements. This is the reason our customers are always happy and satisfied with our product and services and believe in continuing their business relation with us for years and years.

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BeFach is grained to perfection and way to heaven. It is no less than regular white rice and in fact, it has got additional values to it so you have a balance between health and indulgence. This rice has been developed after doing a lot of research in universities and farmlands of Telangana and Andhrapradesh (popularly known as the rice bowl of India). Each grain is individually sorted in Japanese sortex machines to make your meals low in carbohydrates.

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uday nadiwade befach co founder

Uday Nadiwade


Befach co founder Rajesh Saraf



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